Wearing Covered Clothes, Kim Kardashian’s Style Is More Different

Don’t be surprised if lately Kim Kardashian’s style is a bit closed, aka not revealing aurat. Since his phenomenal style at the Met Gala, which was completely covered from head to toe, the owner of Skims is again a hobby of simple style with clothes that tend to be mysterious and sexy at the same time!

Caught on camera outside the house, Kim Kardashian wore a typical street dress designed by Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga or Vetements. The silhouette also looks very big to cover Kim Kardashian. Where he combines a hoodie with a comfortable puffer coat and statement pink boots. Don’t forget the signature gloves, hats, sunglasses worn at night, and a touch of the Hourglass luxury bag from Balenciaga.

Changes in Kim Kardashian’s completely closed style is indeed different from the previous style which is completely open and indulgent. Do you think this will last forever? Given that Kim Kardashian herself had promised to cover her body for the sake of her children. We’ll see.

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