5 Simple Invitation OOTDs for Teenagers, Must Be References

When you want to find a simple invitation OOTD for teenagers to attend special moments with friends or family, try to find inspiration from several celebrities. And you definitely want to use clothes that are suitable for use, as well as how the hijab style is even simple.

Of course, in attending a moment of someone’s happiness, you must be able to mix and match your appearance to make it look elegant. You can look simple by wearing existing clothes without having to be complicated, especially for teenagers.

But maybe there are still those who are still confused about the clothes that are suitable for use to invitations for you teenagers. Here, Sahijab will provide a simple and anti-complicated invitation outfit reference:

1 Combination of Outer Organza Silk with Basic Pants

A simple and uncomplicated appearance at the invitation is one of the most important. If you choose a casual look but still elegant at the invitation, you can wear an outer with organza silk material with additional embellishments and then by combining basic pants and white underwear.

2 Wearing Long Dress

Well this time Larissa Chou appeared in a sweet Korean-style dress. This dress is perfect for teenagers who don’t want to be complicated and want to look simple because it has a nice mix and looks elegant, plus accessories such as a small bag will add to your style when attending an event.

3 Sequin Tunic and Tutu Skirt

For those of you who want to look all out, this brocade tunic decorated with sequins can be the choice of teenagers who don’t want to be complicated and want to look simple. By combining it with a matching tutu and pashmina skirt to make it look sweet.

4 Combining Blouse and Culottes

Do not like models that are too excessive by wearing a lot of accessories. With a simple appearance but still pleasing to the eye, of course you can also use it for OOTD invitations, especially for teenagers. By wearing a cream color blouse with additional wrinkles on the wrinkle. Meanwhile, the subordinates wear plain black culottes.

5 Wearing a Long Outer

The last simple OOTD for teenagers, you can wear a long outer with pants. Choose a long outer with beautiful details and combine it with high heels so that your appearance doesn’t seem ‘drowned.’

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