Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Style Transformation and Career Journey, Still Fierce and Flawless at 51 Years Old

Apart from designers, models also have a big role in the development of the fashion industry and one of those who plays a big role is Naomi Campbell. This 51-year-old British supermodel has made a lot of history as well as made changes in the industry that made her name. Having been in this profession since the age of 15, after a modeling agent saw her shopping at Covent Garden, Naomi’s career immediately took off. He became a favorite of famous designers. And appear on the cover of a row of prestigious magazines.

At the age of half a century, she is still a Naomi Campbell who looks fierce, elegant and stylish. Check out the style changes and flashbacks of the supermodel’s career.

1988 Became First Black Model on the Cover of Vogue Paris

Just 18 years old, Naomi Campbell is already making history. In 1988 Naomi became the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue Paris. There is a story behind his achievements. Reporting from Dazed, Naomi said that at first Vogue Paris was reluctant to show herself on the cover. He also shared his disappointment with the late designer Yves Saint Laurent. Yves, who often works with black models, including Naomi, immediately contacted Vogue Paris. And threatened not to run an ad if the magazine was reluctant to feature a black model on the cover.

Become a Black Model to Appear in the September Issue of American Vogue

A year later, in 1989, Naomi Campbell became the first black model to appear on the front cover of American Vogue magazine for the September issue. The September edition itself is often considered the most important edition. Because it displays a curation of autumn and winter trends and is the most profitable from a business perspective.

Dominate in the Era of the ’90s

Naomi Campbell’s career skyrocketed with other supermodels such as Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista. There is almost no fashion show that does not feature these supermodels. Even so, black models themselves are still relatively rare. Versace is a label that often recruits these models, including Naomi Campbell. Here’s the action at the Versacefall/winter 1992 fashion show.

Gianni Versace’s Last Fashion Show

Naomi Campbell is known to be best friends with Gianni Versace. She appeared to close the show of the exclusive Atelier Versace collection wearing a gold short dress at the fall 1997 haute couture fashion show. No one expected that this would be the designer’s last demonstration before being shot by serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

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