Idemy ootd actress squid game, Aslinya Madis Bikin Kaling

Squid’s success game makes these three female artists take care of attention. All three are Jung Ho Yeon who played Kang Sae Byeok, Kim Joo Ryeong as Han Mi Mi Nyeo, and Lee Yoo Mi Ji Young.

If in the film it only looks wearing a track suit, in the real life of these three Korean artists have a super fashionable style. Come on, see the OOTD actress squid game that makes you panling!

1 Ho Yeon model looks stylish for the casual style of the nuances of Autumn. The blend of mustard shirts, jackets, jeans, and bags and leather boots can be cheated!

2 Want More Minimalist? Fight a white boss with dark brown pants, followed by gray sneakers who become a complement to the style

3 easily imitated, blouse blouse with bootcut jeans and black heels is no less fashionable

4 sweet sweet, yoo mi kersaktripes shirt, black short pants, suede oxford shoes, and bomber jackets when cosplay becomes Mathilda in the film ‘Leon’

5 Swag Ala Children Skaters, Oversized Red Jackets Chime with Pants and Sneakers These Sneakers Really

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