Baby Adik BamBam GOT7’s Casual OOTD Inspiration, Very Trendy!

Baby is an influencer from Thailand and the younger brother of K-Pop idol, BamBam. Often referred to as the female version of BamBam, Baby has a cheerful and friendly personality.

Baby often shares his busy life on social media including his cool dress style. Curious about Baby’s mix and match? Check out the following reviews.

1 Baby looks girly in a white floral mini dress, also wears white sneakers. This outfit is suitable for evening walks

2 It’s not complicated, you will look cute with a black t-shirt and a mini skirt made of jeans, add a hat and sneakers to make it more stylish

3 white T-shirts and white training pants can be a perfect match, also wear white sneakers and a beanie hat to make it even cooler

4 Very playful, a black blazer will match well with black shorts and black sneakers

5 Perfect for a date, this peach color mini dress is perfect to match with black sneakers

6 Plain black T-shirt dresses and black sneakers can be an option for college. Also add a hat to make it more fashionable

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