Make Proud! Lubuklinggau Durian Batik Appears at Milan Fashion Week 2021

Indonesian original cultural heritage batik has re-emerged at the prestigious world fashion event, namely Milan Fashion Week 2021. This time the batik collection was brought by the Indonesian fashion label, JYK, for its debut at Milan Fashion Week 2021 which took place at Palazzo Visconti, Milan, Italy, on Last Tuesday (21/9).

In its debut, JYK displays the Spring-Summer 2022 collection which consists of 10 looks. Carrying the theme of Revolutionary Hope, the whole look is reportedly inspired by the 1970s Punk style which was first combined with batik cloth.

JYK label designer, Jenny Yohana Kansil, said that the theme was interpreted as a hope by adapting to changes in life.

“This collection is an expression of rising from the global COVID-19 pandemic by making significant changes and creating new hopes, while at the same time creating a better environment for all living things,” Jenny said in a press conference held virtually, on Wednesday (13/10). ).

“In this collection, hope is represented by circular motifs or round shapes and also in pattern techniques. The circle shape means complete protection. If we have hope, we will have a positive mind and a happy heart,” added Jenny.

Expose the unique creations of Lubuklinggau durian batik motifs
Inspired by the philosophy of durian motif batik, this inaugural JYK collection exposes the unique creation of a durian fruit motif which is a patent for Batik Lubuklinggau, a modern written batik made by the wife of the Mayor of Lubuklinggau City in South Sumatra, Yetty Oktarina Prana.

“Durian itself has a round shape with a hard and pointed skin resembling a thorn, but underneath the shape it has a soft and sweet filling. The shape of the durian is in line with Punk’s inspiration and the philosophy that this collection represents the hope that the pandemic will end as sweet as a ripe durian,” said Yetty Oktarina Prana or commonly known as Rina Prana.

In line with the goal of a better future for fashion and supporting the global sustainable fashion movement, JYK is committed to using natural, sustainable fabrics such as raw silk, organza silk, cotton, and vegan leather made from coffee and vegetable waste. Likewise with the batik used in this collection. The batik is made of cotton and silk with environmentally friendly coloring techniques, namely using betel nut, jengkol waste, and mango leaves.

“It is a matter of pride for the people of Lubuklinggau that our local batik can appear in an international event. Hopefully this will be a good start for batik craftsmen and batik SMEs in Lubuklinggau,” continued Rina.

JYK’s participation in collaborating with Batik Lubuklinggau is an Indonesian batik diplomacy activity which is also supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Rome. In addition, JYK’s participation in Milan Fashion Week is expected to be an inspiration for young Indonesian designers to display collections with Indonesian wastra on the world fashion week stage.

Curious what the durian batik collection will look like at the 2021 Milan Fashion Week fashion show? Check out the full photos below.

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