Outer Mix and Match Ideas ala Wi Ha Joon, Police Actors in Squid Game

Who has watched the Squid Game series? The latest Netflix series from South Korea is indeed booming and has managed to grab attention. This series also managed to gain success and became one of the shows with the largest number of viewers in Indonesia, you know!

One of the actors in Squid Game who managed to steal the audience’s attention was Joon Ho, a brave policeman who tried to disguise himself to enter the game area. Played by Wi Ha Joon, whose figure immediately became the idol of many people.

In addition to having a charming charm, this 30-year-old actor is also known for his fashionable appearance. You can use it as inspiration, let’s take a look at the nine inspirations for the outer combination of Wi Ha Joon’s style below. Let’s scroll!

1 Suitable for winter wear, wear a white inner with a black puffer jacket and matching flare pants. The presence of a baseball cap and sneakers makes the appearance even more perfect!

2 Or you can apply a long puffer jacket which is matched with nude inner color and black pants. Cool style for traveling to cold climates, here!

3 Want to go to a coffee shop? Use a white t-shirt lined with a denim jacket as the outer and black short pants as the bottom. Don’t forget to wear white sneakers with matching socks, OK!

4 For a more fashionable and classy hangout style, apply a trucker jacket with black inner and black bottoms plus white sneakers for the footwear

5 Don’t hesitate to make a sweater as an outer combined with a white shirt, favorite jeans and sneakers. The combination is so boring!

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