6 Jelitha flower invitation kebaya, exudes graceful charm

Even though she has become a mother of copacobana99 one, Bunga Jelitha’s appearance is still a hit and charming. Since being known as Puteri Indonesia 2017, Bunga Jelitha is often seen wearing a kebaya.

In addition to the luxurious kebayas she wore as a model, Bunga looked elegant wearing a kebaya for an invitation too, you know! Check out the variety of kebaya, come on!

1 Classic kubaya kebaya in Balinese style

From a distance it looks like an overlay brocade cloth, even though this Kebaya Bunga Jelitha is made of silk embossed with a brocade motif. The color choice is so calm, namely soft pink. To impress her Balinese style, she also chose a fuschia pink obi scarf.

The bottom alloy is purple batik jarit. More interesting with a bun hairdo and given a hairpin that resembles a crown. Also, there are two frangipani flowers pinned on the right and left ears.

2 floral kebayas for bridesmaid uniforms

While attending Karina Nadila’s marriage ceremony, Bunga Jelitha was lined up as a bridesmaid. The concept is a traditional Karina marriage contract, so the choice of bridesmaid uniform is also classic.

The choice fell on a floral kebaya with a kartini cut. He combined it with a brown batik jarit which is also floral. Not only that, the earrings she wears are also in the form of sunflowers, you know!

3 Loose brocade kebaya

Unlike the bridesmaid style at Karina Nadila’s wedding, Kevin Liliana’s wedding was attended by friends who were dressed in modern fashion. However, there is still a traditional touch from batik subordinates.

While the top for the bridesmaid uniform is a brocade kebaya with loose and asymmetrical cuts. Bunga Jelita, Karina Nadila, and Dea Rizkita are wearing a white bustier with an overlay brocade kebaya. The difference lies in the brooch, Flowers choose an elongated silver brooch.

4 Kutubaru brocade kebaya and brown batik jarit

When attending an invitation with a partner, you need to adjust the look with the couple’s attire. For example, the couple Bunga Jelitha and her husband, the husband chose a brown surjan with a matching batik finger.

Bunga chose a short-sleeved brocade kebaya. She combined it with angkin from jumputan batik and brown batik jarit with different motifs from her husband. This look is perfect for those of you who are looking for a traditional invitation style reference.

5 Modern brocade kebaya with batik skirt

Pastel colors are colors that you can rely on for a graceful look at an invitation. This time, Bunga Jelitha combines a modern-style kebaya with a purple pleated batik skirt.

The loose hair and stud earrings matched the pastel blue brocade kebaya with bell sleeves. Her style looks simple when Bunga chooses plain low-heeled flat shoes.

6 Winged brocade kebaya with slit batik skirt

For an evening invitation or a glamorous themed invitation, this floral kebaya collection above is ready to steal the show. The theme is modern with Balinese style as there is an obi made of a satin scarf with a golden brooch embellishment.

Flowers look elegant wearing a black embroidered vine brocade kebaya. This kebaya has a brocade wing or cape on one arm. The mix and match of the bottom is a tailed batik skirt with high slit accents

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